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Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Mediation

Antoinette Blunt has experience providing conflict resolution and mediation services to a variety of clients. Discussion informal conflicts can lead to solutions if the parties are provided with advice on effective communication techniques. Communication issues and workplace relationship issues are often at the heart of conflict.

Services provided include telephone consultation on management of conflict situations; on-site coaching and training sessions; development of policies and procedures and early stage grievance resolution in unionized workplaces.

A mediation process can also be utilized to resolve complaints in a more informal and cost-effective manner and can be successful in resolving issues prior to initiating a formal investigation process. In considering mediation, ground rules are established with the parties including:

  • That only one person speaks at a time and speaks in a calm, professional manner
  • Each party to the process must acknowledge respect for each other and to build trust, each party will be asked:
    • To make a sincere commitment to listen to the other without interrupting, to try to understand the other person's point of view before responding
    • To not discuss the conversations during the process with others colleagues (maintain confidentiality)
    • To speak for themselves as individuals – not for others and trust that each is doing
    • To fair consideration of the other person’s opinions
    • To consider the issues as the point of disagreement and not the other person
    • To not criticize negatively

Each person’s perspective of the conflict is discussed individually with them at the beginning of the process to develop a rapport and start to build trust. Each person must willingly participate with an open mind for the process to have a chance at success. Each person is asked what their goals are – what they need/want as an outcome of this process or to achieve resolution. Effective communication and relationship management and conflict resolution skills are utilized by the consultant in the mediation process to support achievement of resolution.

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