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Compensation System Design and Pay Equity Services

ICS. Inc. has significant experience in compensation system design including developing relevant policies and procedures and processes to ensure fair compensation and legislative compliance with the maintenance provision of the Pay Equity Act. Compensation systems are also designed to ensure internal equity practices to consideration market equity in salary and benefits.

Pay Equity Services

Antoinette’s experience in pay equity services covers a vast number of organizations including hospitals, municipalities, police services, public health organizations, universities, and community living organizations, to name a few.

Achieving and maintain pay equity is the law in Ontario. In 1987, the Ontario government passed the Pay Equity Act. The Act describes the minimum requirements for ensuring that an employer's compensation practices provide pay equity for all employees in female job classes. The purpose of the law is to redress systemic gender ​​discrimination in compensation for work performed by employees in female job classes. The Act requires private sector employers with ten or more employees and all public sector employers to value and compare jobs usually done by women to those usually done by men in an objective and consistent way using factors of skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions. A female job class must receive compensation that is at least equal to the compensation that is paid to a male job class of equal or comparable value.

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