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“As CEO of HRPA, I worked with Antoinette for almost a decade where she has held positions as Chair of various committees and task forces, including four where she was the Vice-Chair, and then Chair of the Board.

In every position, she demonstrated exceptional understanding of the importance of Strategy in our organisation's evolution; by understanding the importance of Vision, Mission, Values, she led a highly effective strategic planning process to identify the key priorities faced by the association in challenging times; and she exhibited great leadership skills in creating the essential change agenda that got support and buy in from both the board and organisation.

HRPA today is hugely respected by Government; it’s role is now one as a professional regulator and public protector; the Association has had major impact in influencing new legislation that is relevant to members; there was a complete upgrade of internal governance policies and procedures; core designations have been accredited as among the best in the world; and it is an organisation where members and volunteers are highly committed; staff have a re cord high in engagement and finances are in excellent shape.

Without Antoinette's leadership and strategic perspectives, none of these would have happened. Today, HRPA is a fundamentally different, better and more effective association.”

William (Bill) Greenhalgh, Former Chief Executive Officer (Retired Sept. 2017) Human Resources Professionals Association"

President and Chief Executive Officer
Stratx Inc.
(416) 666-5455

“I am very pleased to provide a reference for Antoinette Blunt, Ironside Consulting Services Inc. By way of background, I wish to advise that my observations and experience have been in relation to my direct involvement through her work with our police service and my role as a Councillor of the Garden River First Nation.

I became professionally involved with Antoinette in 2008 as a result of her work surrounding compensation for the First Nation. As a result, our police service engaged her to assist with developing compensation analysis and systems for our senior command staff. This also included an organizational restructuring of civilian roles and responsibilities. As part of her responsibilities, she redesigned position descriptions and performance appraisal processes. As a direct result of her work with our organization, we have implemented the standardization of all job descriptions and performance management systems through job analysis and compensation review.

Antoinette has been highly engaged by our community. During this past year, she facilitated strategic planning for the Garden River First Nation Chief and Council. In addition, she completed an assessment for the First Nation’s post-secondary guidelines to determine policy adjustments required for the accommodation of special needs students. Recently, she was also directly involved with the recruitment and selection process of our First Nation’s Chief Administrative Officer this past fall.

As an expert in the human resources field, the First Nation has also relied on her to oversee appeals process for job evaluation results and engaged her to facilitate training sessions for the GRFN Child Care Centre employees.

Based on her relationship within our community, it is evident that Antoinette’s ability to observe, research and facilitate are superior. Her ability to oversee a project, engage stakeholders while assessing, compiling and presenting her findings are unmatched. She is versed in human rights legislation and can clearly articulate the requirements necessary for implementing accommodation measures and strategies that are necessary to ensure the success of special needs students.

In terms of her overall characteristics, Antoinette possesses excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. She also possesses the human element in terms of her ability to engage with different types of stakeholders.

My personal observations surrounding Antoinette’s professionalism are a clear indicator that she possesses sound judgement, tact and skill in dealing with all types of issues. While she is empathetic to the issues impacting the organization and individual, she is also fully cognizant of the limitations contained within policy or legislative framework.

I enjoy an excellent working relationship with Antoinette. She has demonstrated, both professional and personal attributes, that would make her a dynamic, valued contribution to your project. In closing,

I strongly and very enthusiastically recommend Antoinette Blunt without any reservation. She has my unconditional support and highest recommendation possible. Should you require clarification or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Leslie Zack-Caraballo, Director of Corporate Services
Anishinabek Police Service
(705) 946-2539 Ext. 235
(provided in 2016)


“Community Living Parry Sound has had the pleasure of working with Antoinette Blunt for the past 11 years. During this time Antoinette has fulfilled a range of human resources requirements for Community Living Parry Sound, from labour negotiations to assisting in the resolution of difficult employee matters to the development of our policies and procedures. Her work has always reflected her integrity and passion that she has for this field. The development of the policies and procedures included working with the management team to define the roles of all employees in relation to the organizational structure of the agency. From this, job descriptions with relevant performance appraisals were developed.

Antoinette worked with both the management team and our employees with the implementation of the Developmental Services Human Resources Strategy Core Competencies project, including coaching for competencies and behavioural-based interviewing. Antoinette revised all job descriptions to include the relevant competencies, as well as developed interview tools based on both the core and threshold competencies.

One of Antoinette’s greatest assets is her ability to empower others through her coaching and mentoring while working with the organization. Ironside Consulting Services Inc. provides a responsive, comprehensive, professional HR service which has always surpassed our expectations in meeting the organizational needs of Community Living Parry Sound and I would be very pleased to recommend their services."

Jo-Anne Demick
Executive Director, Community Living Parry Sound
38 Joseph Street
Parry Sound, ON P2A 2G5
(705) 746-9330 ext.226

“As a smaller organization without in-house Human Resource services, Antoinette Blunt has been invaluable in developing many of our critical documents and practices from comprehensive policies to job descriptions and performance appraisal tools including the process of evaluating the Chief Executive Officer. Her knowledge, support and skill in enabling us to complete our pay equity requirements have ensured that we have met our obligations to our staff today and in the future.

Antoinette has effectively transferred knowledge to our leadership team, leading training and discussions related to leadership skills, coaching others, supporting performance improvement and HR specifics such as attendance management. Her information sharing is always framed by current best practices and always delivered in an engaging and interactive manner. Antoinette has been a respected advisor and coach both to myself and members of our leadership team for many years, offering objective support related to inter-personal matters and system dynamics. Through her professionalism and calm demeanor, she also serves as a role model for strong leadership.

Today, we are a strong and progressive organization, as a result of Antoinette’s support in all matters related to Human Resources. I know that our HR practices are in keeping with those of any organization with a full HR department! I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend Ironside Consulting and specifically Antoinette Blunt’s services in the provision of cost-effective and quality Human Resource services.”

Lisa Henderson, Chief Executive Officer
THRIVE Child Development Centre
74 Johnson Ave.
Sault Ste. Marie ON P6C 2V5
(705) 759-1131 ext. 210

"We have called on Antoinette and her professional services on several occasions since 2005. Most recently, in August (2018), Antoinette assisted us in the negotiation of a new four-year contract with our union. She also assisted us in negotiations in 2015, 2012, 2009/2010 and in 2005. In 2005, I had the pleasure of working closely with Antoinette while we negotiated a 4- year contract with our union. I represented the domestic automobile dealers at the table, while Antoinette was our team leader. Since then, she has helped us through a number of grievances.

During our 10 days of negotiations, I came to realize how efficient and professional Antoinette is and what a smart decision our dealer group made having her at the table. We intend to maintain our relationship with Antoinette simply because we obtain full value from her and Ironside Consulting Services regarding labour matters. This is why we have retained her to help us through any grievances filed on behalf of the union. She is never more than a phone call or Email away and responds to our requests in a timely fashion. First and foremost, Antoinette is a people person. She enjoys interacting with other people. Appropriate questions are always asked to identify and understand the problem. Empathy is always shown, and Antoinette’s ability to remain calm, even when union representatives are confrontational is an admirable trait. Any response from Antoinette is well thought out and very pragmatic. She stands firm when necessary and will not be intimidated. She insures she knows the Collective Agreement before entering any meeting and is fully versed on the latest and relevant legislation. With her immediate access to legal assistance there are never any questions left unanswered. With Antoinette’s advice, I have always been able to make an informed decision. I take great pleasure in supporting Antoinette and invite you to call me at any time should you have any questions."

Robert Prouse
President, Prouse Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd.
Community Living Parry Sound
(705) 759-1212

"I am Business Consultant writing this unsolicited letter of recommendation for Antoinette Blunt confirming my belief that she exhibits the highest degree of professionalism and knowledge.

I represent a business in Northern Ontario and ran into some very specific human resource issues. I was referred to Antoinette and have never looked back! She asked all the right questions, understood the specifics about our business and clearly offered intelligent and relevant options and direction.

We continue to rely on Antoinette for guidance on most Human Resource issues and suggest you do the same!"

Alan Budish
B. comm, C.P.A., C.A

"It is with great pleasure to provide a personal endorsement for Antoinette Blunt, Ironside Consulting Services Inc. I have known Antoinette for over 10 years, and she exemplifies professionalism and competence in every sense of the meaning. Northside Auto Group has entrusted her to provide professional advice to interpret strategies for implementing HR structure within our organizational processes. Antoinette is highly qualified, well organized, and an excellent communicator.

Antoinette’s engaging personal style enables her to interact effectively with clients. Proactive in anticipating our needs, Antoinette takes initiative to go beyond the expected parameters of her role. She has a unique ability to take an attentive and thorough approach and her judgment has always proven to be careful and decisive. Furthermore, Antoinette’s principles and ethics when dealing with our union negotiations exhibited the highest values in business and more importantly her leadership was a major contributor to the enactment of the collective agreement for our unionized employees.

We will continue to utilize Antoinette’s services and we highly recommend her when it comes to providing first-class, adept HR business consulting. I believe Antoinette would be a major resource for an organization and she has my utmost noteworthy recommendation. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly."

Frank Palumbo
President, Northside Auto Group
(706) 256-6266

"II very much appreciate all the work that has been done by you on our behalf, both the work we have contracted with you ourselves and as part of the amalgamated Pay Equity review you provided for the area Municipalities. Having dealt with numerous consultants in my municipal career, I must say I am most impressed with your services. Your turn around time on our projects, the detail you provided and the follow up you offered to assist us in interpreting, delivering and understanding the work is to be commended. I certainly needed your guidance in the development of our job descriptions and evaluations and in getting our pay equity compliant, you brought it together for us and made it work very well. Most notable is the guidance you provided during the very difficult times we face during the Harassment Complaint filed by an employee. Your investigation and handling of a very sensitive matter, along with the spot-on outcome you recommended has made this a much better work place for all. Personally, I appreciated the confidence and assistance you gave me in dealing with Council and being so accessible every time I needed any clarifications. Everyday there are new challenges and I am confident facing them knowing I have Ironside Consultants available to assist me."

Glenn Martin
Clerk-Treasurer, The Corporation of the Township of Tarbutt and Tarbutt Additional
(705) 782-6776

"Johnson Township has been fortunate over the years to have the expertise of Ironside Consulting Services available to us. Along with other area Municipalities we have engaged Ironside Consulting Services as a group to assist and guide us in developing useable and understandable documents for our Human Resource issue s. Recently we failed to follow the sound guidance provided by Ironside Consultants and will forever wish we had. The clear unbiased and well thought out recommendations and reports have been invaluable in negotiating some very challenging issues. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a resource readily available to us. "

Glenn Martin
Clerk, Johnson Township
(705) 782 6601

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